Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Humble Beginninngs

 It takes time to build, develop, and mature. Money cannot buy time. And the time we do have is like a good set in the ocean...once it's gone, that's it--no more.

 Family time is something that I need to realize as precious. The moments we have with loved ones should never be taken for granted regardless of the fact that I may not have a perfect family; they are the ones I have been given and God decided that they were the best for me. There is no place like home. I've come to trust in the amazing fact that my family will do anything for me and like wise, I would too for them.

 This holiday season I had a chance to visit my family in Northern California. We had a chance to stop by Napa Valley and do a little wine tasting and picnicing with them.

 Like Father, Like son

Continually building

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