Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's always better when we're together...

 Guesse who that is just chillen across from us @ the airport...... up thats Jack Johnson..super low key!


Aloha Auckland!

Hey friends and family!
We arrived safely in New Zealand early yesterday morning. Here's  some videos we took entering the Auckland airport where they have this amazing hand-carved entry way of Maori tikis and art. The other video is of us being picked up by one of Kristof's friend, Mr. Luke Parker. Thank you Luke! Beware though, the videos are a bit dizzying...sorry. I didn't realize that I was holding the camera weird. It was early

We loved our accomodations and it felt so good to have a hot shower. But, we didn't get in the room til 2pm...a staggering 8 hours from when we arrived. Even more so---HOT SHOWER. LOVE. HOT SHOWERS. FEELS GOOD.

Thankfully, in the mean time, we were entertained by a large parade happening along a main street in Auckland; the annual Christmas Parade.
And what do ya know? 
We found Jesus at the Parade too...
...along with some friends...

It's so awesome to know we are not alone in this world.

From His ever imperfect, but grateful servant~Lizzie

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Send off party...aftermath

So, yesterday was Kristof's big ol' birthday and we had a couple surprise guests. Thank you so much for those that were able to join me in surprising him!! We ate dessert till our stomachs were stuffed and our lovely guests blessed us with a send off prayer beautiful! So, we went to bed with our stomachs aching but our heart full.

In the morning I saw all the balloons and decided it was time for an assisnation party! Here is evidence of the fun! 24 hours and counting down..........<3 Lizzie