Saturday, January 29, 2011

Aotearoa to Western Australia

This is my first video I made using my cool pix camera. It was just a one night project.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Humble Beginninngs

 It takes time to build, develop, and mature. Money cannot buy time. And the time we do have is like a good set in the ocean...once it's gone, that's it--no more.

 Family time is something that I need to realize as precious. The moments we have with loved ones should never be taken for granted regardless of the fact that I may not have a perfect family; they are the ones I have been given and God decided that they were the best for me. There is no place like home. I've come to trust in the amazing fact that my family will do anything for me and like wise, I would too for them.

 This holiday season I had a chance to visit my family in Northern California. We had a chance to stop by Napa Valley and do a little wine tasting and picnicing with them.

 Like Father, Like son

Continually building

Monday, January 17, 2011

Surfing the Nations

It's day number 7 for us at Surfing the Nations where Kristof and I are doing our three-month internship. Some may be curious as to what this means for us and some may wonder, does Lizzie even surf? Well, yes, but not very well, but that's not really the point, exactly.

Surfing the Nations is a registered non-profit, humanitarian organization whose occupants and volunteers are mostly of the Christian variety. Its focus is, for lack of a better all-encompassing phrase, essentially to meet the basic physical and spirtual needs of our fellow man in a way that's truly impacting for both giver and receiver. It's pretty simple, but we believe, also effective. These "things" include being a Hawaii Food Bank distribution point here in Wahiawa and in Kalihi. There's a surfing instruction program for the youth at a homeless shelter in Waianae, an after school tutoring/mentoring prgram on base here, collection and distribution of donation items & several other things that we're still learning about.

In any case, when we stepped off the plane, it was a whirlwind getting settled here. But now that we finally feel like we have a functioning place to live for the next few months, the real work begins. Today also marks the first Monday of "fasting".

It's been a long time since I've fasted the Biblical way of "no food". In fact, I can't really the remember the last time I did it. Perhaps I am reminded of the trama from when I was a kid growing up in our cult church eeking my way through another, painful, yet dutiful Day of Atonement; no food no water. I don't know about you but, I don't know very many 7-year olds that would take to kindly to that. In fact, I remember my sister and I would sneak nacho Doritos (maybe 2 or 3 chips?) into our secret hiding places to munch on. I always remember feeling super guilty about not having the will power to resist. But of course, with hindsight intact, I see the sticky, ugly fingers of legalism all over that and no longer have to acknowledge it as true fasting. My heart was not in it and I wasn't even sure what I was doing it for.

Here, we get to determine for ourselves what type of fasting we do. Biblically speaking it generally means a "no" to all foods  (I'm going to assume solids here) so I'll be drinking water today...until 5pm that is. The idea though is to determine, through prayer, what I should be fasting for; which makes sense. I mean, why would I do this without a purpose? So, I've just decided what I'm fasting for and will leave it up to God. I would love to share it here but there's just this sense that this time, it's just between God and I for now.

I wonder how I'll be feeling at 3 o'clock today? Phew, feels like a long time from now. We'll see!

Aloha aʻe ana mākou i ke ehu wāwae o ka lani,
<translated: "We remember fondly, the footsteps of THE King"...Jesus>,

2010 lessons & Cali rewards

Hey friends and family,
I'm never sure of how many people have actually seen this blog, but it's comforting to know that this is a place where Kristof and I can capture and reflect upon our recent travels.

Sometimes it's hard to imagine that we've already been on the road for over a month. It's the first time we've traveled like this together but it's been really fun and definitely an opportunity I would have never passed up. Here are a few things I've picked up/learned/treasured on the road:

1) Little luxuries come in the form of free dinners, extra discounts and unexpected flight upgrades.

2) There is nothing more spirtually enhancing than a warm comfortable bed and a hot shower.

3) Friends & family make the journey worthwhile.

 Thank you Jesus! It's been fun :->!!!
With love,

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie Oye Oye oYe

Once a year I get invited to teach a special course in Western Australia. YWAM Perth's very own Art Evangelist School. The week I taught was based on "Urban Art and the Proclamation". It's one of my favorite times of the year; definitely life changing and character building. It's a reminder to myself to practice what I preach.

Thank you Jesus that your grace is sufficient,

The People you meet along the journey

 I had a chance to meet some of New Zealands finest and get to see the heart of Aotearoa. I have fallen in love with this place.Like any journey it has to come to an end for that season. I will miss this part of the world and also the people we have had gotten a chance to cross paths.

I am truly blessed