Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ozzie days

We are finally in Australia and settling in but, it's a little busy as Kristof had to start teaching a bit earlier due the school's scheduling. Thankfully we got here on Wednesday afternoon instead of just the afternoon before class began. So, day on 4, Kristof and I are finally a little less jet-lagged. But the first two mornings, we woke up at the ungodly hour of 4am and couldn't go back to sleep. Thankfully, yesterday, our third day, we got up at a more acceptable 6am.

We've not been too good at keeping this blog updated because internet connection is a bit of a headache here. I didn't know this but, in (many) other countries (New Zealand, Australia included), the amount of internet traffic is limited in the amount of MB or GB you can use online. Like, you have to pay up the wazzoo to download videos, programs, etc. online. This is something we didn't even think to recognize overseas. So, basically, the more online TV or YouTube you use, the more expensive it is. In fact, one of the school base leaders was telling us that they recently got a $4,000 bill (!!!) on top of their usual internet usage bill for excess internet use/traffic. So, America...count your blessings! Lesson learned? It is quite the luxury to have unlimited access to the internet, even in a "free" nation like Australia.

In other business, the AES (Art Evangelism School) class is nice and small but most of the students seem eager to learn what Kristof is teaching. There are 4 staff and 7 students. They are in their final weeks of actual "class" time and will finish the course with an additional 12 weeks of "Outreach" in Mexico City. But, right now, most of them are still raising money for this part of the course. If you feel at all a pull in your heart to donate to these students, you can check out YWAM Perth at You can donate to : Art Evangelists School. It's a great 'cause and all monies are tax deductible :->. I really wish we didn't need to worry about money but, unfortunately, it is what it is.It'll be exciting to see what part of the class content they will take with them. Kristof is hoping that, in stead of doing a mural, they will do an "Ambush" style art gallery (an impromptu gallery). Should be exciting to see what they can put together.

Kristof has also been enjoying getting reaquainted with all the people he's come to know and gain friendships with when he lived her in 2003. It's been nice to meet more people and see a bit more of his life here before there was an "us" :-). Last night, one of Kristof's former classmembers and her husband had a little dinner party at their house. For those of you that know Kristof, he usually likes to take pictures the food but, we forgot the camera at home. But, believe me, it was yummy! 

Anway, here's some pics from Oz for now:

Our room at 60 Bulwer St.

Welcome dinner

Heidi (one of the other course leaders) and Liz at Carols by Candlelight at Hyde Park in Perth.

Emma (AES school leader) and son, Winston with Kristof at Carols by Candlelight, an annual community carol singing festival at Hyde Park in Perth.


Monday, December 6, 2010

The poetry of the earth is never dead...

Poignantly stated by poet John Keats, there was no shortage of this in our first leg of the journey in Aotearoa.

The famous Koru of New Zealand.
Sunset on the way to Waitomo. Just say...ahhhhh.

Adventure in a 2.7m x 6.6 m...

Welcome to our home on wheels and the adventures we had with it...
He's a lil' bit sch-eerrred to drive this.

Uh, this thing is massive!

Night time snack in the mini-kitchen.

First camp site breakfast. Nothing like cows mooing in the background while you eat toast made in a camper van stove. Yum!

Drove for 3-4 hours and finally made it to Waitomo from Auckland. It was a long night.

Caving on our own...

Stay tuned. More to come...

Sunday, December 5, 2010

"Kiwi" Food

So, there are a few things we had to eat while in New Zealand...
Mi Goreng (a saimin like food Kristof loves and Lizzie is on the fence about) &...

Kiwis!!! Yum.